Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Tired

Although the trip to Seattle was great, I'm tired. And for a second I forgot which side of the country I was typing this post from. Traveling across country and back again in less than 72 hours is far from ideal, but it was definitely worth it. Saturday night I got to hang out with my sister and friends at Maggie Bluff's (see picture). Although seeing friends was great, the main purpose for the retreat was to debrief the first year of my internship. It was great to verbalize my experience and talk at length with others that have also been doing youth ministry work throughout the year. After the "debriefing retreat," I got to hang out with my good friends Gary and Joe. Joe helped me prepare for my trip to Switzerland and Germany next month by enjoying with me a delicious half liter of Franziskaner Weissbier. I also discovered that the US Airways in-flight magazine had a cover story on visiting Zurich. Carolyn, Drew, Nick, Jake, Josh, Bethany, Maren, and Sarah... I can't wait!

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Tyler said...

i can relate....im still tired and its been 4 days since i got back. im a little jealous of the european beer...for some reason it just tastes better.