Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving On. . .

There’s a book on my self titled Journaling as a Spiritual Practice. I’ve never read this book. And since Carol and I merged our collections, I’m not even sure where the book came from. Despite having never read this book, the title alone speaks to me greatly about the important connection between journaling and the spiritual life.

Journaling has never come easily to me. However, having a blog during my two-year stint living in New Hampshire (and to ap less extent, here in Chicago) proved to be an avenue of journaling that seemed to work with some regularity. This blog has also been helpful in processing significant milestones, including the events of my wedding day.

I’ve recently started reading over some of my old blog posts and have been stirred by these recorded memories. Some of these posts are funny, others are attempts at reflecting deeply. Regardless, these posts represent bits and pieces of my life, and I feel they are in some way worth preserving. So, I’m going to start blogging again. No promises on how often or how good the posts will be. I’ve encountered a lot of spam using Blogger, so I’m going to make the transition to WordPress, and hope for better results. To read future posts, please head on over to