Friday, May 2, 2008

Going Organic

In recent months I've taken an interest in sustainable growing. Through many conversations with vegetable enthusiasts, a professional tomato grower, a compost maniac, and a book called In Defense of Food, I have officially caught the organic bug. I've also had the opportunity to create a garden with the help of several others from the church. Yesterday we built 4 raised beds and filled them with 12 yards of "superloam" (fancy compost/dirt mix). I think we'll plant some peas next week with many other veggies to follow. I'm really excited to see what this little garden can produce. I'll post more updates and pictures in the future as the garden grows.


JET said...

my mom would love you.

Ella said...

We must change in order to save our bodies and the world. Organic was a way of life in the early 1900's.

Nice to see some one so young getting started early.

Peace Out,