Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow, snow go away...

I was slated to preach last Sunday, but that plan was thwarted thanks to 10 inches of snow.

I relish the opportunity to give the message, but I wasn't too upset that our service was canceled because it meant extra time with miss you know who.

I was given another opportunity to preach the same message this Sunday, but of course, more snow... So, for a second week in a row, no service and no sermon.

Ugh, what is this!?

I was planning on talking about Epiphany. The Church celebrates Epiphany as a continuation of Christmas, which is actually a whole season in the liturgical year. It was going to be a lot of fun sharing the significance of Epiphany. I was planning on assembling a nativity scene on the alter and having the Magi travel from the rear of the sanctuary to the front. Congregants were going to have to pass the Magi forward from pew to pew.

The Magi traveled from Persia (modern day Iran), so it probably took them months or even years before they made it to Jesus, who by that time was not a baby, but a child. By the time the Magi showed up on the scene, the shepherds were long gone.

Never mind the details, the point is that shepherds come to Jesus and so do Magi, and these two groups of people couldn't be more different. It's an incredible witness of Jesus' love for all people.

I was planning on posting an recorded audio file of this sermon, but I guess this written synopsis will have to do.


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as you know...i'll take your snow anytime. sorry you've been held down by it 2 weekends in a row. at this point, I can understand it being pretty annoying.