Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Basketball Team has a Better Record Than The Detroit Lions... Barely

I'm in my second year of coaching 7/8th grade boys basketball at Rye Junior High. The fundamentals I can teach, but some of the more complicated aspects of the game like breaking full-court presses, penetrating zone defenses, and clock management remain aloof to me. Nevertheless, this second time around I feel a whole lot more confident in my coaching ability.

Despite being a better coach compared to last year, my team's record is worse than last year. With only one "W" in the record books, I'm hoping that we can finish the year on a winning note. We are playing at home tomorrow, so I'm confident we can capitalize on the home court advantage and put up at least 30 points on St. Pat's.

Look for us on ESPN.


jake said...

I don't appreciate the Detroit Lions reference. Good luck.

Rachel said...

Hey, at least you all aren't that poor team that lost 100-0!

Rachel said...

oh yeah, good luck with your last game! :)

Anonymous said...

i do appreciate the detroit lions reference...and still...good luck!