Monday, August 30, 2010

Scary Words

"Until death do you part."

I have to admit, those are kind of scary words. It's kind of like when someone looks you in the eye and says: Do you really, really mean it. "Until death" is, of course, the signature ending of a traditional wedding vow. But have you ever stopped and wondered why until death? Why forever?

I want to suggest that Christian Marriage is a life-long covenant because it is intended to reflect the enduring love that God has for God's children. God will not grow tired of us. God will not give up on trying to love us. God's love is always enduring. And so it is that Christian marriage serves as a mirror image of this always loving God. Through vows of covenant and commitment, the Christian marriage witnesses to to the One who will not leave us nor forsake us.


carol said...

i like this, and i like you, husband!

June said...

Thanks for including me in your protected blog, Ric.
Thank you, too, for these wonderful words on ritual. I add a hearty AMEN! :)