Monday, May 11, 2009

Some Good News, And Then Some REALLY Good News

First, the good news: I got a second-hand blender that only cost me $3. It's a beefy Osterizer Bee-Hive style that weighs about 10 pounds and looks like it could agitate a cell phone into a million pieces (I don't know why you would want to, but just knowing you could counts for something in my book). Anyway, I always get excited when I score a high quality kitchen appliance at a good price.

Now, for the REALLY good news: I just received a phone call from North Park Theological Seminary, informing me that I was awarded a full-tuition scholarship! Thanks to the Kern Family Foundation, I won't be paying the roughly $37,000 it would have cost to complete my MDiv.

3 comments: said...

um wow! my school got some money for that but we're using it to advance our ability to do online classes.

carol said...

i can't decide which i'm more excited about.

JET said...

booyah! Ric you're the man! that's the one i got ousted on after being in the top 10. Congratulations, I am so vicariously happy for you!