Monday, May 11, 2009

Some Good News, And Then Some REALLY Good News

First, the good news: I got a second-hand blender that only cost me $3. It's a beefy Osterizer Bee-Hive style that weighs about 10 pounds and looks like it could agitate a cell phone into a million pieces (I don't know why you would want to, but just knowing you could counts for something in my book). Anyway, I always get excited when I score a high quality kitchen appliance at a good price.

Now, for the REALLY good news: I just received a phone call from North Park Theological Seminary, informing me that I was awarded a full-tuition scholarship! Thanks to the Kern Family Foundation, I won't be paying the roughly $37,000 it would have cost to complete my MDiv.


Anonymous said...

um wow! my school got some money for that but we're using it to advance our ability to do online classes.

carol said...

i can't decide which i'm more excited about.

JET said...

booyah! Ric you're the man! that's the one i got ousted on after being in the top 10. Congratulations, I am so vicariously happy for you!